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maas effect [userpic]
by maas effect (kyuusei)
at December 1st, 2009 (08:06 am)

Holy crap, a month and some since the last post? Even with our record November?

Our team/goalie/captain/road record/everything except when we play Chicago or Colorado/etc. is awesome, y/y?


OH AND GUESS WHO WAS NHL'S STAR OF THE MONTH FOR NOVEMBER?? Our very own declining, according to CalgaryPuck captain IGGY and his 13 goals & 7 assists. Fuck yes!


Posted by: maas effect (kyuusei)
Posted at: December 1st, 2009 09:35 pm (UTC)

It really has. October wasn't as horrible as other Octobers in recent years but man I remember being SO fed up with the D.. and so depressed at Iggy's play. A month later, no complaints. :D I haven't gotten to see as many games as everyone IN the Sportsnet West area, but I keep hearing last night was one of their most complete games. Another one I love: The third period of the Ducks game. I know we lost, but the fact that they got 20ish SOG in THAT PERIOD ALONE and never gave up even with eighteen seconds left made me so deliriously happy with the one point.

I really can't wait until Rene is back. I hope the injuries don't pile up again. >:o

A lot of people tell me "oh, Chicago and Colorado are young and fast" ....but is Colorado REALLY that young and fast? It's teams like them and San Jose that I hope we can beat... we already saw in October that we can score on Chicago. It' sjust NOT RELAXING AROUND THEM FOR A GODDAMN SECOND that Calgary has to worry about. :P

Actually, one thing I realized last night is... they go and win a bunch of games every time Chicago embarrasses them. ;)

But still... I'm happy. Record month, what.

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