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Flames Fans

Calgary Flames Fans
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This a community devoted to the NHL team, the Calgary Flames.

Moderated by: phoenixtears219 and groovechica

1. Be nice, I will delete any and all posts deemed inappropriate.*
2. Anyone can join, but I ask that any "flames bashing" be kept to the bare minimum, this means you cannot come in with the intent to insult anyone on the team, no personal insults at a poster and if I chose to delete your comments its my perrogative, get over it and move on.*
3. Please, no memes or quizes.*
4. One last thing, if you post pictures, please for the love of mike put them behind and LJ Cut, if you don't know how to do this, the code is < lj-cut text = "title here" > Content < / lj-cut > (take out the spaces.)*
5. Please introduce yourself, let us get to know you. If you would like you can use this questionaire:

Name, Age, Location:
Favorite NHL team(s):
Least Favorite NHL team(s):
How long you've been a fan:
What's your local team? (NHL & other):
Favorite Flames player(s):
Other Favorite player(s):
Least Favorite player(s):
Do you play hockey?:
How often do you watch hockey on TV?:
How often do you go to hockey games?
How did you stumble upon this community?:
* All rules with an asterisk are mandatory. #5 is only a request and ya don't hafta follow it if ya don't want to.


If you would like to be an affiliate, please let me know, either in a post or e-mail me at padfootspride@yahoo.com